4 New Restaurants in Circuit

April 16, 2018 4:04 pm


Circuit Makati is indeed becoming the top-of-mind foodie destination in the City That Makes It All Happen. And it’s no mystery, given the plethora of choices found in Circuit Lane, from Mexican tacos to Thai-blend coffee, from slow-torched panizza to juicy Texas BBQ ribs. And now, there’s more that awaits you. Make that four more new restaurants ready to be experienced in outdoor concept mall like no other!

Check out the following four restaurants that await your curious palates!

Macao Imperial Tea

Tired of the usual coffee shops? What if you prefer tea over coffee?

Macao Imperial Tea is a global chain store from Macau and their uniquely Asian flavors have hit our shores, with a lot of branches sprouting up in the country.

But don’t let the name fool you, for they serve an assortment of drinks besides tea–coffee, milk tea, soda, you name it. Don’t miss out on their signature Cream Cheese series, which is fast becoming a fan favourite amongst its habitués. (We at Circuit Makati recommend you try their Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong.)

Worth mentioning too are the Instagram-ready interiors replete with giant-size teddy bears and brick walls. Did we mention there are many sockets for plugging in your gadgets and the Wi-Fi is fast too? Make a beeline, folks. This will be your new favourite tambayan in Circuit Makati.

Oppa! Chicken

Believe in the tagline, “It’s very very good!” because well, it really is. If you’re a fan of Korean fried chicken such as Bon Chon or Makati’s very own Big Mama Korean restaurant (in Poblacion), then Oppa! Chicken is definitely up your alley.

It’s a Korean theme restaurant that serves six kinds of fried chicken, ranging from Snowing Cheese (crackling skin and cheese powder) to Yangnyum (dabbed in spicy-sweet and tangy sauce). For purists, we personally recommend the Original Fried Chicken, which has a herbed salt and pepper flavour.

For an authentic Korean dining experience, pair up the drumsticks with Tsingtao Premium Beer. As the Koreans say, “Mashike mogo! (Eat well!)”

Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill & Papaitan

Something homegrown in the streets of Bagtikan comes your way! It’s Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill & Papaitan. If your idea of a good time is Pale Pilsen and pulutan, then you will surely enjoy a night out with friends in this no-frills restaurant located on the ground floor of Circuit Lane.

No night would be complete without sampling their best-seller the Fried Tawilis.

All-American Pizza Burgers Beer

The most recent on this list to open their doors is All-American. While they are still on soft opening (as of this writing), expect the best of Western cuisine such as their brick-oven pizza.

On occasion, they host Sports Quiz Nights too, open to all and with prizes and giveaways to boot. If you’re looking unlimited fiber Wi-Fi in the area, this place is top choice.


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